Welcome to

Wise Wild Feminine

with Marizette Martins

Combining Feminine Wisdom and Communication Skills to Help Women Break FREE from the Fear to be Seen, Influence, Impact and Sell Online

Welcome to

Wise Wild Feminine

with Marizette Martins

Combining Feminine Wisdom and Communication Skills to Help Women Break FREE from the Fear to be Seen, Influence, Impact and Sell Online

Deep in your soul, you know there is so much more
available to you but ..

  • You are longing to be seen and heard but at the same time, you're scared of it

  • You always put other people's needs before your own

  • You feel exhausted, overwhelmed and unfocused

  • You have many brilliant ideas but the moment you need to show up to make it happen, you hide

  • You can't stop comparing yourself to others, and it leaves you disappointed and frustrated

  • You believe that "no pain, no gain" marketing approaches are the only way to be successful

What if there was a gentler, more feminine approach

to business and life?

Let me share a story ..

Once upon a time, in a world where social media dominated the digital landscape, there lived a woman named Maya.

With dreams of sharing her passions and talents with the world, Maya embarked on a journey to create her online presence. However, there was a deep-rooted challenge that held her back from feeling free to be seen and heard.

Maya's difficulty lay in her struggle to listen to her own feminine compass.

Every time she thought about appearing on camera or sharing her thoughts openly, a wave of self-doubt and insecurity washed over her. It seemed as if an invisible barrier prevented her from embracing the spotlight and authentically expressing herself.

The source of Maya's struggle traced back to her own perception of herself.

She had internalized societal standards of beauty and felt an intense pressure to conform, and that belief kept her trapped in a cycle of comparison and self-criticism.

Whenever Maya attempted to post a photo or video, her inner voice would whisper cruel judgments. "You're not attractive enough," it would say. "No one wants to see you like this." The voice grew louder and more persistent, drowning out her desire to share her unique perspective with the world.

But deep within Maya, there was a sensation, a knowing that there was something else.

She longed to break free from the chains of self-doubt and embrace her true feminine self, and balance both her masculine and feminine energy.

Maya realized that in order to conquer her fear of being seen, she needed to embark on a journey of self-discovery and self-acceptance.

Through a deep work of knowing herself and self-compassion, true self-care practices and feminine rituals, she tapped into her Wise Wild Feminine empowerment.

She started to actively listen to her body's whispers and honored its needs. As she nurtured her physical and emotional well-being, Maya discovered a newfound sense of self-compassion and self-love.

As Maya's relationship with herself transformed, so did her presence and impact on social media.

With each step she took towards self-acceptance, her posts became more genuine, her voice grew bolder, and her message resonated deeply with others. Maya's vulnerability and authenticity became her greatest strengths, drawing an audience who connected with her openness and relatability.

Maya's journey to listen to her Wise Wild Feminine wisdom and embrace herself fully on social media wasn't without its challenges. There were moments when the old insecurities resurfaced, threatening to pull her back into the shadows.

But Maya had learned that true freedom came from acknowledging those fears and continuing to move forward despite them.

Over time, Maya became a beacon of inspiration for others who faced similar struggles. Her story served as a reminder that the path to self-discovery and self-expression was not linear, but a constant evolution. Maya's journey taught her that being seen and heard wasn't about meeting external expectations, but about embracing her own unique essence and sharing it fearlessly.

And so, Maya's presence on social media became a testament to the transformative power of self-acceptance and listening to the whispers of one's own body. As she shone her light brightly, Maya empowered others to embark on their own journeys of self-discovery, reminding them that they too had a voice worth hearing and a story worth sharing.

We are all Maya. I'm Maya, you're Maya.

If your inner wisdom is whispering in your ear, telling you to stop hiding, to embark on the journey of knowing your Wise Wild Feminine self, I have an invitation for you.

A New Paradigm

The path is creating online visibility through the invisible work :

The inner work to reclaim the pleasure versus pressure.

Hi, I'm Marizete

I am a public speaker, a journalist, a communication & self development coach, a mother of two, a former model and entrepreneur.

Born and raised in Brazil. I moved to Spain in 2007.

2008, I opened a yoga studio in Spain where I also worked as a holistic coach and feminine leader.

After leaving a toxic marriage in Valencia, I moved to the south of Spain and started a new journey working for an international self-development company, facilitating workshops and classes worldwide.

After 6 years, I decided to found the Wise Wild Feminine online school that combines communication skills with self development tools to help women break free of the fear to be seen and heard online, and become successful entrepreneurs.

But the path to entrepreneurship was anything but smooth.

When I set out to spread my own message, rather than that of a big company, severe self-doubt set in.

Instead of speaking and sharing publicly on Instagram, I felt alone, keeping all my talents, services and ideas to myself for fear of rejection.

It wasn't until I asked for help and hired a business mentor that I found my way out of my "cave" and back into the light.

I'm inviting you to embrace your inner Wise Wild Woman

  • Uninhibited and wise.

  • Knowing who you are and not afraid to show it.

  • In touch with your inner medicine and magic.

  • Knowing your worth, guided by your intuition and calling upon it regularly.

When you take the

Wise Wild Feminine approach

  • You create your business in alignment with your core values

  • You feel comfortable to be seen as the feminine leader you here to be

  • You honour your inner rhythm. You embrace your “too much-ness”

  • You say goodbye to the Good Girl archetype that keeps a woman small and “in her place”

As I grow calmer and more grounded, more and more things are going my way.

"Before working with Marizete, it felt like I was always hustling and scrambling, but not getting any closer to my desired objectives… like a puppy trying to catch a ball in water.

Marizete is not only teaching me to slow down and trust in my ability to attract good things my way, but also and receive them when they come.

I feel more in touch with my sexuality and more confident to play and explore. I can share and emit the light of who I am, with nothing to prove.

And as I grow calmer and more grounded, more and more things are going my way.

Thank you Marizete, I value our sessions and the growth I have experienced since starting with you!"

Maxine Grossman

Imagine ...

... creating content on social media every day with pleasure, not pressure

... waking up to enquiries about your services

... selling your services with ease

What would that mean for your business?

What would it mean to you - knowing that you are finally sharing your true voice and that you are making the impact on people’s lives that you KNOW you were born to make?

I offer a range of services to support you in your journey of embracing the Wise Wild Feminine approach.

Your first step: Book a call or send me a message for us to get to know each other, and to find out how I can best support you on your journey.

.. or send me a message

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